Funding Amherst Community Enhancement (F.A.C.E.)


Funding Amherst Community Enhancement (F.A.C.E.) is a non-profit corporation created by the Amherst Township Trustees to seek donations, grants and volunteers to work on projects to enrich the lives of all citizens in Amherst Township and the surrounding communities.

F.A.C.E. will have seven directors on its board.  Members must live, work, or own property in Amherst Township.  Current members are Thomas Hupman, Bill Poplar, Richard Rice, David Marr, and James Kantola.


Officers are as follows:

President:  Thomas Hupman
Vice President:  Richard Rice
Secretary:  Bill Poplar
Treasurer:  David Marr
Grant Writer:  Dr. Malcolm Peel

Lynda Ashley will be the township contact for the group.  She may be reached at the Township Hall Monday through Friday from 8am – noon.  You may also email her at

If there is a particular area of enrichment which interests you please contact a board member with the information.  If you wish to volunteer to serve or financially support a particular project, please contact any of the people mentioned above.