Senior Service Office Hours:

     Monday - Friday from 8am - noon

Office Phone:  440-988-5894  - ext. 101

Office Fax:  440-988-5877



Our Mission

To ensure a continued quality of life for the older adult residents of Amherst  Township, we exist to help all township residents over the age of 60 maintain their independence and freedom to live with dignity. 

Services We Now Offer

  • Home-delivered meals - Hot, home-cooked meals provided by AVI Food Systems, Nordson Corporation's  cafeteria's food service, Monday thru Friday.  Four meal options are  available - entrée, sandwich & soup, sandwich & salad, and  soup & salad, with meal costs from $5.30 - $5.80 per day.  The program is available to Amherst Township residents over 60 and those over 18 who are disabled.  Low-income seniors over 60 and disabled may be eligible for reduced rates.  Call the office for more details.
  • Medicare and  supplemental insurance counseling
  • Referrals to area senior service providers
  • Support Services - One-on -one help assessing needs, filling out applications, referring or linking to service agencies or programs, scheduling or assisting with appointments  and following up to make sure that the help needed has been obtained.

Volunteers Needed!

Currently we are looking for volunteers to help with our meal delivery.

We pay $0.580/mile to offset your fuel cost.

Vial of L.I.F.E.

Lifesaving Information For Emergencies (known as L.I.F.E.) is a non-profit national program in which key medical information is available to first responders in the event of an emergency.

A plastic baggie is labelled with a Vial of L.I.F.E. sticker and contains all pertinent medical information needed, such as emergency contact, diagnoses, medications, allergies, legal designations, medical providers, and insurance information.

The Vial of L.I.F.E. stickered baggie is placed on the outside of your refrigerator.  An additional Vial of L.I.F.E. sticker is placed on your front door or window and will alert first responders to look for your medical information on your refrigerator.

The Amherst Township Senior Service Office is offering these kits to all Amherst Township Senior residents.  If you would like a kit or if you have any questions please feel free to call the office.



  The Senior Office has received calls from residents inquiring about the DNA test kits they received in the mail. Please note, this is a MEDICARE FRAUD SCAM - DO NOT respond to this, throw it away, and watch your Medicare Summary Notice for suspicious activity. And as always - DO NOT give out any personal information to anyone on the phone or requests by mail. Guard your Medicare Number as you would a credit card or Social Security Number. Any questions please call the Senior Office 440-988-5894 Ext. 101         …/scam-dna-tests-may-be-new-targe… 



 Medicare 101   

Cuyahoga County
June 25, 1:30pm
Westlake Porter Library
27333 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, Ohio 44145