Senior Gazette

Winter 2008
by Carol Schmitkons,
Amherst Township Senior Service Director

Home-Delivered Meal Program

AVI, our meal provider, offers a variety of food choices to those who don't wish to venture out to get groceries as often during the winter. Call 988-5822 for more details.

Angel Food Ministries

Peace Church, located at 9300 West Ridge Road, Elyria, has a food program called Angel Food Ministries. For $30 you receive $60 worth of food including meat, pizza, vegetables, dried foods, eggs and a dessert. Seniors can also purchase ten individual meals, fully cooked and labeled with heating instructions for $25. There are also specials on boxes of dinners, meat, fruits or vegetables currently priced at $20 that are available for purchase if you buy either the regular or senior box. The menus change monthly and the boxes must be picked up at the church on a designated day and time. The dates for order placement for the next month are on each month's form. Only cash or food stamps may be used. A receipt or photo ID must be presented to pick up an order. Orders not picked up by noon will be given to a family in need. Delivery service is not available.

For more information, call Lyle from Peace Church at 322-7344 or visit the church website at Menus are also available at Lorain County Office on Aging (LCOOA), located at 320 N. Gateway Blvd. in Elyria.

8:00 A.M. – NOON  (M-F)

Medication Education Program

The Lorain County Office on Aging is providing a "free" medication program for local older adults. The program will provide an in-home visit by a registered nurse specializing in the care of older adults. During the visit, the nurse will:

  • Assess and evaluate medications
  • Teach the individual and family about their medication
  • Discuss drug's effects
  • Review drug interactions and timing of dosage
  • Develop a medication management plan
  • Contact primary care physician or pharmacist if necessary

To take advantage of this program, you must be a Lorain County resident age 60 or older and taking 4 or more prescription drugs as well as 2 or more "over-the-counter" medications. You must also have multiple medical or health problems that necessitate using more than one physician.

To arrange an appointment or to get more information about this program, call the Lorain County Office on Aging at 326-4800 or 244-6261 - Ext. 4800.

Remember to apply for "Energy Assistance" this winter.
Apply for PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) if you have a household of "one" with an income up to $15,600 or you have a household of "two" with an income up to $21,000. Apply for HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) if you have a household of "one" with an income up to $18,200 or you have a household of "two" with an income up to $24,500.

Medicare Part D 2009 Options

Open enrollment for 2009 Part D runs from November 15th through December 31st. Open enrollment for Part C Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements is from January through March. The new 2009 Medicare Part A, B & D amounts are as follows:

Part A

  • Hospital Deductible: $1068 per benefit period
  • Hospital Co-Payments: $267 for 61-90 Days
  • Lifetime Reserve Co-Pay: $534 for 91-150 Days
  • Skilled Nursing Co-pay: $133.50
  • Premium for 40 or more quarters: $0
    for 30-39 quarters: $244
    for 30 quarters or less: $443

Part B (unchanged)

  • Monthly Premium: *$96.40
    *Premiums may be higher based on income
  • Annual Deductible: $135
  • Coinsurance Amount: 20%

Part D

  • Monthly premium varies
  • $295 annual deductible
  • 25% of prescription costs $295 - $2700
  • Gap coverage: $2700 - $6153.75
  • 5% of drug costs or $2.40/$6.00 co-payments after paying $4350 "out of pocket"

Part D Low Income Subsidy co-payments

  • Up to or at 100% federal poverty level - $1.10 / $3.20 (based on income)
  • Other LIS - $2.40 / $6.00
  • Partial LIS deductible/cost-sharing - $60/15%

Gap coverage information on the Medicare website now uses terms to indicate what percentage of a drug's formulary is covered during the gap. 

These terms are:

  • All = 100% of formulary drugs covered
  • Many = 65 - 99% covered
  • Some = 10 - 64% covered
  • Few = 0 - 9% covered
  • No gap coverage = 0% (15 drugs or fewer)

Here in Ohio these terms have a slightly different meaning:

  • All = three plans for generics only
  • Many = seven plans
  • Some = two plans
  • Few = no plans
  • No gap coverage = 37 plans (15 or fewer drugs)

This year Ohio will have 22 plans offering 49 stand-alone plans. "Basic" coverage is offered by 23 plans; six of these plans have $0 premium for people receiving the full low-income subsidy. The other 26 Ohio plans offer "Enhanced" coverage, providing extra benefits that vary by plan.

Anyone wishing to save money on their health care coverage should compare plan costs at this time. To view Part D comparisons and other helpful information on Medicare-related services visit:

To see comparisons between "Medicare Advantage" and the "MedSup" plan visit:

If you are not computer savvy, do not understand what the plan information means, or you need help changing plans, please call the office 988-5822 to make an appointment. Time slots fill up fast so it's best to call early.

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