Amherst Township Ohio Senior Gazette
Spring 2010
by Carol Schmitkons, Director, Amherst Township Senior Service Office (ATSSO)

Amherst Township Service Office

ATSSO provides home-delivered meals for those over 60 and disabled adults over 18, with a cost that is adjusted to your income. They can help with Medicare and health insurance questions and issues, provide referrals to other agencies, and help you remain independent. Contact the office at 988-5894 (x101 or x102).

Here are a few of the phones numbers for agencies that they often refer people to:

  • Lorain County Office on Aging: 326-4800 provides assistance with transportation to doctors; minor home repairs; light housekeeping; chore services; food & nutrition assistance; and medication evaluation & education
8:00 A.M. NOON (M-F)
Phone: 988-5894 Ext. 101 or 102
  • WR Area Agency on Aging: 1-800-626-7277
  • Legal Aid: 323-8420
  • Local VA office: 284-4525
  • Adult Protective Services: 284-4465
  • Lorain Social Security Office: 244-6052
  • "PASSPORT" Senior program: 1-800-626-7277
  • L. C. Board of Elections: 326-5900
  • L. C. General Health District: 322-6267
Spring 2010

2010 Medicare - Premiums, Deductibles & Finanical Assistance

2010 "Part A":
Hospital deductible:.................... $1,100
     Copay for days 61-90:........... $275 per day
     Copay for days 91-150:......... $550 per day
Skilled Nursing copay for days 21-100: ............................................... $137.50 per day

2010 "Part B":
Annual Deductible:....................$155.00
"Part B" premiums:
  • Those who were on Medicare prior to 2010 and had premiums withheld from their Social Security check will remain at $96.40/month.
  • Those who are new to Medicare in 2010 or who do not currently have the premium withheld from their Social Security check will pay $110.50/month.
  • Higher income beneficiaries (above $85,000 for single, or 170,000 for married) will pay $110.50 plus an additional amount based on their income.

"Part B & D" Financial Assistance

The resource limit for the Ohio QMB/SLMB/QI program in 2010 is increasing to $6,600 for an individual and $9,910 for a couple. This increase could help many clients become eligible for assistance with their "Part B" premium.

QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program acts like a free Medicare Supplement policy. QMB pays for all deductibles and coinsurances that Medicare does not pay. It also pays the Medicare "Part B" premium. To be eligible:

Individual Income - less than $923/mo.
Married Income - less than $1,235/mo.

SLMB Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program pays the Medicare "Part B" premium. To be eligible:

Individual Income - range $924 $1,103/mo.
Married Income - range $1,236 $1,477/mo.

QI Qualified Individual Program also pays the Medicare "Part B" premium, but these benefits are limited and an individual may need to apply annually. To be eligible:

Individual Income - range $1,104 $1,239/mo.
Married Income - range $1,478 $1,660/mo.

Those eligible for one of the QMB/SLMB/QI programs are also eligible for the "Part D" Prescription Drug financial assistance.


Don't Get Burned: Protect Yourself from Common Fire Hazards

The best defense against a deadly house fire is to have working smoke detectors installed in several rooms, particularly sleeping areas, and on every floor of your home. For as little as $7 each, smoke alarms can nearly cut in half the risk of dying in a fire. Smoke alarms sense abnormal amounts of smoke or invisible combustion gases in the air and can detect both smoldering and flaming fires. But having them is only part of the solution; they must always have fresh batteries (install a fresh set each year) and be tested regularly (at least once a month). Smoke alarms wear out over time, so replace yours if it is 10 years old or older.

Once you have the reassurance that you and your family will be alerted if a fire starts in your home, focus on things you can do to prevent a fire from starting in the first place:

  • Make sure the only thing you cook is food.
    Turn handles of pots and pans toward the back of the stove to avoid accidentally knocking them over. Do not leave anything unattended on the stove, even for just a minute. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around the stove and keep towels, potholders and paper away from hot surfaces. Use the
  • oven and stove only to cook do not use them to heat your home.
  • Watch your butts.
    If you smoke, use deep-seated ashtrays on steady surfaces. Never smoke while lying down, when tired or when taking medications that cause drowsiness. Keep lighters, matches and lit cigarettes out of the reach of small children.
  • Heat your spaces responsibly.
    If you use electric space heaters, be sure the electrical cords and plugs are in good condition and only plug them directly into an outlet rated to carry the load. Do not plug electric heaters into extension cords or outlet strips. If you heat with a fireplace or heating stove, check that the fireplace flues are clear and use a screen to deflect sparks. Keep combustible materials like blankets, curtains and clothing at least three feet away from any heat sources.

Reprinted from the Ohio Department on Aging's January 2010 newsletter, "Boomerang".

Spring 2010

Personal Safety Tips

Security concerns, medical emergencies, falls . . . these are all safety concerns among older adults, especially those that live alone. Here are some simple, low cost tips older adults can use to protect themselves.

Keep your car keys on the nightstand beside your bed at nighttime and in your pocket during the day. Use the panic button to alert a neighbor that you need assistance. Be sure your neighbor knows what you are doing and how to get into your home if it is locked. Remember that if you lock both the screen door and the house door, someone may have to break out the screen or glass to gain entry.

Place your cell phone by your bed in "silence mode" to be able to call out if you suspect an intruder may be in the house. Program in a speed dial for "911".


An electrical Recliner/Lift Chair has been offered to ATSSO. This chair can assist a person from a standing-to-sitting and a sitting-to-standing position. Please contact the office at 988-5894 (ext 102) if you have a need for this chair.

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