In addition to the Zoning Resolution, the following Resolutions receive the most inquiries from Amherst Township Residents. (links below are pdf files)

Township Curfew

Barking Dogs

No Animals in Park

Noise Control Resolution

Ditch Enclosures & Driveway Approach Culvert Regulations

Building Code Resolution

Parking of Commercial Vehicles on Township Roads

Mailbox and Lawn Damage Policy

Regulation and Registration of Transient Vendors

Snow Parking Ban Policy

Highway Use Permit

This resolution pertains to work conducted in Amherst Township by contractors, Utility Companies, or city, state, county utilities.

Access Management & Driveways for New Lot Splits

In compliance with the Lorain County Commissioners’ passage of the Lorain County "Access Management Regulations", Amherst Township passed the following resolution.

The Lorain County Access Management Regulations require an access permit be issued for any new lot splits. The Lorain County Engineers Office will issue these permits on both Township and County Roads. The access permit will be mainly concerned with sight distances.
(See the Lorain County Access Management "application" and "permit".)

The property owner must also obtain a driveway permit before constructing a driveway. The Lorain County Engineers Office will issue "County Road" Driveway permits and Amherst Township will issue "Township Road" Driveway permits.