Spring 2006
Vol. XI No. 1
Recycling Report

For the fourth quarter of 2005, Amherst Township recycled the following quantities through the “Blue Bag” program (bold represents yearly total):

(5.3) 1.2
tons of aluminum cans
(26.1) 5.8
tons of bi-metal cans
(49.5) 11.0
tons of glass
(14.2) 3.2
tons of HDPE plastics
(11.4) 2.5
tons of PETE plastics
(111.7) 24.9
tons of newspapers
(21.7) 7.1
tons of scrap metal through the dumpster program
(100.0) tons of Yard Waste/Compost

For questions concerning the “Blue Bag” program, contact BFI at 458-5191 or David Urig at 988-8256.

Dumpster Days

Amherst Township has set the following dates for “Dumpster Days” in 2006:

April 6, 7, 8
July 6, 7, 8
October 5, 6, 7

Hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Please note:  NO TIRES WITH RIMS!

Drop-Off Hours for Yard Waste!!

Brush, limbs, grass clippings, and leaves may be brought to the rear of the Amherst Township Garage at the following times:

  • 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Mon – Fri
  • 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Saturday
  • Amherst Township Residents only
  • I.D. will be checked
  • No Commercial

The garage is located at 7530 Oberlin Road.

Newspapers, cans, glass, and 1's & 2's plastics can be placed at your curb in blue bags for Allied pick-up. Newspapers should be “blue bagged” separately.

Compost & Wood Chips Available

Free compost and wood chips are available from the Township. If you are interested, contact John Szefcyk, Road Superintendent, at 988-5833.

Have a problem?  Complaint forms are available at the Township Hall, inside the white bulletin board, or may be downloaded from the Township’s website.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Township Hall & Garage
Fiscal Officer (clerk)..............988-5894
Road Superintendent (garage)..988-5833
Office (Zoning Inspector).......988-5866
Office Hours for Zoning Insp:
Mon., Wed. & Sat. – 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Voice Mail is checked daily
Don Gargas, Zoning Inspector

Dennis Abraham...................986-4555
(Ambulance, Cemetery, Park, Water, Roads,
Ditches, Enterprise Zones, County Health Rep.)
Neil Lynch............................988-7681
(Sewer, Fire Land, Equipment, Personnel, LORCO,
Senior Services, Zoning)
David C. Urig.........................988-8256
(Lighting, Buildings, Solid Waste, Phase II Storm
Water/Environmental Strategy, Alternate County
Health Rep.)

Fiscal Officer (Clerk)
John Koval.............................233-5744

Road Superintendent
John Szefcyk..........................988-7045

Amherst Twp Senior Services Office
Carol Schmitkons....................988-5822
Office Hours – Mon thru Fri – 8am to 12 Noon

Fire Prevention Officer
Wayne Eppley.........................324-3921

LifeCare Ambulance, Inc.
Maude or Herb DeLa Porte........323-6111

Sheriff's Department................329-3710


Amherst Township Trustee Meetings may be viewed on Amherst Cable Channel 12. They will air for 7 days, running Mon thru Mon, following the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Air times are at 9 am, 4 pm, & 11 pm. Zoning Commission meetings will be shown 8 am, 3 pm & at the conclusion of the 11pm Trustee meetings. All airings are subject to change.

Amherst Township Ballot Issue 33 - Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Electors of Amherst Township will vote on a referendum of Zoning Amendment Number 8/7/05.  The Ballot Issue text is listed below.  Amherst Township currently has Conservation Development Regulations within the Zoning Code.  Ballot Issue 33 involves a modified version of the existing Conservation Development Regulations.  If approved, the modified Conservation Development Regulations will require the Township Zoning Commission and/or Township Board of Trustees to notify adjacent and contiguous property owners of

the time and place of the meeting(s) scheduled to review conservation general development plans.  The property owner will be notified by mail.  In addition, the zoning map will be modified to identify Conservation Development as an alternate zoning in R-AG and R-1 districts.

Your vote counts!  Please vote on the Modified Conservation Development Regulations on Tuesday, May 2, 2006.

AMHERST TOWNSHIP (unincorporated area)
A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.
(Full text of Resolution is posted at this polling place) 

A resolution to amend Article 900 of the Amherst Township Zoning Resolution and amend the Zoning Map to provide for adoption of modified Conservation Development Regulations, per Ohio Revised Code Sections 519.12 and 519.321(c), allowing for public notification of conservation general development plan meeting(s) and provide a zoning map annotation to identify conservation development as alternate zoning in R-AG and R-1 districts.




Amherst Township Park Reminders

Residents are reminded that as of March 1, 2003 animals are not permitted in the Amherst Township Park.  Whoever violates this resolution is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and shall be prosecuted (ORC Section 511.32).

Also as a reminder, vandalism at the Amherst Township Park is prosecutable.  Violators will be charged with Criminal Vandalism according to ORC 2909.05.  This is a felony offense and carries a fine of $2500.  This will be strictly enforced.  The township park is being patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department.

Park Pavilion

Due to the increased usage of the park pavilion, and to avoid scheduling conflict, please contact Amherst Township Road Superintendent, John Szefcyk, to make reservations if you wish to use the pavilion.  He can be reached during the week at 988-5833


Please be aware that a curfew exists in Amherst Township for minors age 16 and under between the hours of Midnight and 5 a.m.  The Lorain County Sheriff’s Department will enforce this curfew.


Remi Cerrone is our featured employee.  Remi has worked for the Township for 4-1/2 years as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  If someone wants to do something that does not necessarily agree with the current zoning, they bring it before the ZBA.  Examples may be lot splits, building, or running a business that is not a permitted use in the area.  The ZBA also annually reviews all of the “Conditional Uses” in the township to make sure everyone is still in compliance.  As a ZBA member, Remi likes to see how things in the township work and wants to make a difference in the township to better the community.  He also enjoys meeting new people along the way.  The thing he finds frustrating about the job is the occasional long meeting and when progress is slow.

Remi was born and raised in Lorain, where he attended Lakeview Irving School and graduated from Lorain High School.  He has lived in Amherst Township for the past 5 years.

Remi is the owner of his own business, Remi’s Plumbing and Heating, which he has operated for the past 39 years.  He is state certified in plumbing, hydronics, and HVAC.  He is also a past member of the “Lorain Plumbing Examiner’s Board”.

For hobbies, Remi enjoys bike riding and nature walks.

We would like to thank Remi for being a valuable part of our township and for taking the time in his busy schedule to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals!



Richard Barelka, new board member of Funding Amherst Community Enhancement, a resident of Amherst Township for the past 6 years, grew up in Avon, where he attended Avon High School and the Lorain County Joint Vocational Center majoring in Culinary Arts. After high school Richard attended Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Sciences in Hotel Restaurant Institutional Management. After working as a night auditor and foodservice manager for 20 years, Richard opened the Ohio Postal Center, a private packing and shipping store in the Farmer Boy’s Plaza.

Richard is excited to join the FACE committee, not only to serve as voice of the community, but to continue serve his community, both on a professional and personal levels. Richard currently serves the community as a business man, Minister and Notary Public.

Title Change for
the Township Clerk

Due to the recent adoption by the Ohio Legislature of Sub. S.B. 107, which took effect December 15th, all Township “Clerks” in Ohio became Township “Fiscal Officers”.  The change was implemented to better reflect the nature of the responsibilities of the office.  In some cases, the title “Clerk” has been deemed inadequate when used on official documents, such as some federal forms.  Therefore, as of December 15th, the Amherst Township “Clerk” is now known as the Amherst Township “Fiscal Officer”.

Lorain County Sheriff’s “Community Policing” Report

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.                                     Deputy Joe Greiner

Driving Safety

Even though winter appears to be coming to an end, please be aware that bad driving conditions are still present.  Light snow and freezing rain can still make driving hazardous.  Give yourself plenty of time when traveling and be aware of your fellow driver.  Use “hands-free” adapters for your cell phones, or pull over to a safe spot until you complete your call.  While driving, limit your activities “driving”.  Eating, talking on phones, text messaging, watching DVD players, and personal grooming while driving are examples of activities that lead to accidents.  Trying to multitask while operating a vehicle puts others, as well as yourself, at danger.  Drive Safe!

Keep an Eye Out

Have you ever read in the paper or seen on the news, a report that happened in your neighborhood and thought “I remember seeing or hearing something when that happened”?  We all have a good idea what is normal in our neighborhood and when something seems suspicious.  You all are the eyes and ears of neighborhoods.  If something doesn’t seem right, let us know about it when it happens.  The information may prevent you or your neighbors from being a victim of a crime.

Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System

Those of you who benefited from the Emergency Beacon Lights that where distributed by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office in the past will be pleased to know that there is a new product that we will be distributing to qualified candidates of Lorain County.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office continually strives to provide the utmost in safety and security for the citizens of Lorain County.  Once emergency services have been called (Police, Fire, and Ambulance), with the use of the “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” citizens of Lorain County can immediately have their residences identified by the flashing light.  Officers will instruct the recipients of the “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” that its use should be for emergency situations only, and are not intended for routine delivery style occasions.  Please advise your children as well.  This device should be treated the same as calling “911”.  If a Deputy observes a house with this device activated, a check on the well being of the occupants will be done, even if there is not call for emergency service listed with the Police, Fire, or EMS.


Receivers of the “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” shall fall under any ONE of the below listed categories, but are not required to fall under all the prerequisites:

  1. Rural residents shall have priority over urban residents.  Rural residents generally do not have neighbors in close proximity.
  2. Elderly residents.
  3. Residents living alone.
  4. Residents, or a family member, who have a special need or medical condition.
  5. Residents with very young children.


  • Residents who receive the “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” will need to complete the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office application form.
  • Application forms will only be used for accountability purposes for the dispersal of the “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System”.


  • The “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” installs into a standard light socket without any special tools or attachments.
  • The light operates off the same switch as the standard porch light.
  • If emergency services are requested, the requester turns the light switch off and on twice (in sequence) at which time the porch light should begin to flash.


The “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System” will be provided free of charge to all qualified candidates of Lorain County, courtesy of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a “Crime Watch Security Flasher 911 System”, you can contact me at 440-329-3749.  Please state your name, address, the city or township that you live in, and a return number that I can reach you at.

I hope you all have a safe spring and as always, you can contact me at the above number with any questions or concerns.  REMEMBER!!!  The above number is to my office and is not monitored 24 hours a day.  If you have an emergency or a problem that needs immediate attention, please call 440-329-3710 or dial “911”.

Annual HHW Collection Day

For 2006, the Lorain County Solid Waste District is planning an expanded schedule of collection events, and adding new features to them, in order to keep up with increasing demand for these services.

For this year, there will be two complete sets of Household Hazardous Waste Collections – one on Saturday, May 13th, and a second on Saturday, September 30th.  The May collection locations will be at LCCC located on Abbe Road in Elyria and LCJVS located on SR58 in Oberlin.  September collection locations are yet to be determined.  Collection times are from 9AM to 3PM.  This program is free to all Lorain County residents.

Also, there will be three Electronics Collections Days around the county, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. These collections will accept the same computers and office equipment as in previous years, but will add television sets and home audio equipment to the list for the first time

To see the complete schedule of both collection events along with more detailed information, visit the website at  At the “Home Page” click on “Departments”, and then select “Solid Waste”.  Not all details have been finalized yet, and the schedule will be updated as information comes in. So stop back regularly, especially if you are interested in an event that has missing information.

For more information, please contact the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District at 1-800-449-5463.

   Pride Day   

Lorain County’s “Pride Day” (a one-day litter clean up event) is going to be held on Saturday, May 20th.  Amherst Township will be participating in this event.  However, “Pride Day” projects have not yet been established.  Please call the township if you would like to participate in this event.  The Lorain County “Scrap Tire Collection Day” will also be held on May 20th.  Visit the “Solid Waste” website (as previously mentioned) for more details.

Plate Renewal

Be certain to indicate that you are a resident of “Amherst Township” when you renew your vehicle registration, whether you do that in person, through the mail, or online.  Amherst Township will get a portion of the license fee to be used toward maintenance of the township’s roads.  If you are not an Amherst Township resident, be sure you list your correct residency.

Twp. Bulletin Board

Scheduled meetings and Trustee Work Sessions are regularly posted in the bulletin board at the Township Hall.  These are public meetings and residents are welcome to attend.

Possible Reduction
In “Blue Bag”

Recycling Incentive

Amherst Township regrets to inform its residents that they are seriously considering reducing the “Blue Bag” pick-up to every other week at some point in 2006.  This is due to cutbacks in grant funding for the “Blue Bag” pick-up program by the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District.  Details have yet to be worked out and should be available in the next newsletter.

Amherst Township will try a new recycling incentive program in 2006.  Beginning May 1, 2006, an address will be randomly pulled on a weekly basis.  If that address is observed having a “Blue Bag” of recyclables on the curb for pick-up that week, the resident will win a gift certificate to a local business.  The program will run through August.

Permits Required

As Springtime arrives, residents are reminded that permits are needed for the following items listed below.  When a permit is obtained before the start of construction, the fee will be reduced by 50%.  Be sure you or your contractor has obtained a permit.  Payments must be made by check only.   Cash is not accepted.

Please contact Don Gargas, Amherst Township Zoning Inspector for these permits.  Office hours for the Zoning Inspector are from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  He can be reached at 988-5866.  Voice Mail is checked daily.


New Construction
Building Additions
Accessory Buildings


Amherst Township, as a member of the Sandstone Joint Ambulance District, has chosen “LifeCare” to be their ambulance provider.  President Maude DeLa Porte and Vice-President Herb DeLa Porte own and operate LifeCare.  They can be reached at 323-6111.  To learn more about their services, visit their website at  For more information about LifeCare as well as links to other related websites visit

Contact Sheriff’s Dept.

If residents know of or experience any adverse road conditions in the township, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at:
329-3710 or 323-1212.

Lots Available

Cemetery lots are available at Kendeigh Cemetery, located at the intersection of Quarry Road and Middle Ridge Road.  Lots may be purchased by contacting the Township Office at 988-5833.

$370 – Resident

$636 – Non-Resident

NOTE: New Earlier Meeting Times:

Trustee Meetings now at 7:00 p.m. – Zoning Commission Meetings now at 6:30 p.m.